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Thank you for your visit with us at "The Kid's Fair"!!

Because you signed up for our email list you automatically get first chance at the FREE Art in the Park event. Below is the link where you can grab your tickets. Here are a few things to remember,

  • You get a choice of a Tuesday or a Thursday for art. Please do not sign up for both each week. Doing so will result in BOTH being cancelled. 

  • Each child requires a ticket. 

  • Ages are 3-4 with hands on parent, 5-12 and individuals with disabilities of all ages included also. 

  • You must submit all information to qualify for a ticket. 

  • You must bring the ticket and permission/release of liability form with you to each event (each event will have a ticket)

  • In the event you cannot attend please notify us by calling 530-251-3025. We understand that life happens and sometimes there is a no show, phone calls are encouraged.

  • 2 No Shows and No Calls result in cancelation for the rest of the summer events. We love communication.

  • There is NO CHARGE for this event. The costs of materials are covered by the CEO Rhoda Phillips-Weber HOWEVER, Donations are appreciated and help further the fun we are creating for our community. 

You have until Saturday 5/20 to sign up before we open it to the general public

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