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Do you have a passion for the Art's? Are you creative? Do you enjoy working with children, youth, and individuals with different abilities (Amy's V.I.P.'s)? Then Amy's Corner is for you! All our Volunteers and those serving in administrative positions go through a process of background checks and fingerprinting to insure we are only allowing those who are secure to work along side our kids. WE are looking forward to meeting with you. 


How You Can Help Impact Our Community


Let me introduce you to our community and to our future. The children seen here are a small representation of our community's future citizens. Our heart at Amy's Corner is to bring art to every child we can and to help build a mindset of success. Your donations help bring art back to the community through events held in parks, schools and other community programs. We cannot do this without you. 



Join our movement, and a growing community of dedicated supporters, to unlock the creative potential of Lassen County’s youth by becoming an advocate for arts education.  Amy’s Corner’s Arts Partners help us fulfill our mission to transform our city by educating and empowering the children and teens of our community through the arts. Any donation above $10 monthly (or $120 annually) makes you a Partner. Enjoy special perks, exclusive access to on-campus events, and engage as a sustaining supporter of our work. 




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