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You have to see the faces of the children and their proud parents when they finish their projects. Art allows a child or individual to express themselves without words, without limitations, it brings freedom while challenging boundaries that restrict a child's ability to express them self. We have seen first hand how art has helped children with behavior problems release deep emotions, We have also seen children find joy in hard places simply by allowing them to freely express themselves through art.  It is our heart at Amy's Corner to work with individuals and groups of children to have all of this, but, this only happens when someone comes into our corner.

Kim and Lindsey @ Kid's Day 2017

Volunteers play a major role in supporting the efforts of bringing 'Creative Arts for Children’s Hearts' to the children, and adults alike, of Lassen County. We truly appreciate your willingness to work as a Volunteer in our community with Amy’s Corner. If you are interested in volunteering please send us a message below and we will send you a digital copy of our application for you to complete and return to Amy’s Corner. Your application will be reviewed by our director and you will be contacted once your application has been processed. All volunteer applications are reviewed with consideration of current volunteer opportunities. We hope you understand the information we are requesting is for the protection of the individuals we will serve.  All applications will be kept confidential and only authorized individuals will have access to your information. Thank you again for your willingness to volunteer with Amy’s Corner.

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