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Our V.I.P.'s

Being one of Amy's V.I.P.'s is pretty important stuff at Amy's Corner. To best describe a V.I.P. would be to say, an individual with a different ability, be it cognitive, emotional and or physical. We would also say a child who may be currently in foster care or displaced through natural disaster. No matter the reason at Amy's Corner we know that art can be very therapeutic in healing tired little hearts, or just a way for new self-expression both very important when it comes to growing and encountering the world.

VIP's enjoy free art and studio time. Once a quarter a VIP is chosen by the board of Directors to enjoy a free birthday event.


To see if your child qualifies for our VIP program, please contact our office and ask for an application. 

Do you know a V.I.P.?

Amy's Corner is committed to bringing our V.I.P.s emotional support through art. Every month we try to connect to one child and build a bridge of trust using art activites. Do you know a child that can benefit for our V.I.P. Program? 

Help us connect

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