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Private Events


bday cat.jpg

Here is a sample of a recent birthday party 

In the art above our birthday girl "LOVED" the color purple and cats, so we created the perfect art for her, and she loved it. We aspire to create each piece with your child's favorites in mind. BUT, please note we are not able to use copywritten characters or materials for inspiration. 

All art is painted on an 8x10 canvas. Larger canvases are available for an additional fee.

Contact Rhoda at 530-250-6020 for availability. Approval is necessary to process requests. please allow up to 30 days for proper planning.


Payment in full at time of booking. Of that 50% is nonrefundable if cancelled. Please call if you need to cancel and would like to reschedule. We give you one alternate date to complete the party.


IF you would like us to come to your home for a paint Party we charge per kit and prices depend on size of canvas and type of art being done. IT is important to contact Rhoda regarding this. 


Birthdays are the Best at Amy's Corner. Imagine a Fun Filled 90–120-minute birthday celebration for up to 12 artists.


This special event includes the following.

  • An invitation in a PDF format for you to print and hand out

  • A special apron for the guest of honor,

  • A large card to be signed by each guest,

  • Up to 12 themed 8x10 canvas art pieces (Created with your children's favorite ideas in mind of course).

  • 2 art themed games with prizes,

  • Party set up and clean up. 


Sadly we are limited in space, making this a drop off event. (We do have room for up to 3 additional non-painting adults) There are permission slips that must be signed in advance of drop off. 

We take care of all the decorations and try to keep it relevant to the theme of the party. We do want you to know that we do not remove our art or decor (we think our studio is already pretty magical) but we add special touches to the tables.

Any Questions feel free to contact Rhoda, Brittney or Momo. 

Kids for Peace


Every Quarter we try to celebrate one of Amy's VIP. 

(A VIP is an individual that qualifies under the guidelines set forth by the Board of Directors) Please email us or contact our office at the number provided for more information. Our schedule fills quickly so please allow us 30 days for approval.

Package Includes

Birthday Poster

Art Project (Chosen from Available List) taught by instructor.

2 Instructors will be available during the party. 

Set up and Clean Up

Contact us at 530-250-6020 for availability. Approval is necessary to process requests. please allow 30 days notice. 

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